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Increased Risk of Fatalities Among Hispanic Workers

Increased Risk of Fatalities Among Hispanic Workers

Hispanic construction workers in the United States face increased risks of fatality compared to their non-Hispanic counterparts. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Fatality Rate:
    • In 2020, the fatality rate for Hispanic construction workers was 41.6% higher than that for non-Hispanic workers.
    • This significant disparity highlights the urgent need to address safety concerns within the industry.
  2. Injury Rate:
    • The injury rate among Hispanic construction workers was 14.5% higher than that of non-Hispanic workers in the same year.
    • These injuries impact the well-being and livelihood of workers and their families.
  3. Recent Trends:
    • Between 2018 and 2020, the fatality rate for Hispanic workers increased by 46.5%, while the rate for non-Hispanic workers decreased by 6.3%.
    • This alarming trend underscores the importance of targeted safety measures.
  4. Factors Contributing to Risks:
    • Several factors may contribute to the increased risks faced by Hispanic construction workers:
      • Language Barrier: While language is not the sole cause, it remains an obstacle to effective communication and safety training.
      • Knowledge and Skills Disparities: Differences in knowledge and skills can impact safety practices.
      • Age and Immigration Status: These factors may also play a role in safety outcomes.
  5. Addressing Safety Concerns:
    • Employers and safety professionals should:
      • Understand Individual Needs: Tailor safety policies and training materials to address the diverse needs of Hispanic workers.
      • Consider Subgroups: Recognize that Hispanic workers come from various backgrounds and experiences.
      • Collaborate Effectively: Foster communication and collaboration to ensure everyone’s safety on the job.

Improving safety conditions for Hispanic construction workers requires a holistic approach that considers cultural diversity, individual needs, and effective communication strategies. OSHA PDF has developed most of its products in English and Spanish.  We can work together to change this horrible statistic. 

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