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EM 385 1-1 Forms
Energized Electrical Work Permit
Collateral Duty Safety Officer (CDSO) Designation Letter
Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) Designation Letter

OSHA Forms
The OSH Act - Section 11 Judicial Review
OSHA Poster
OSHA 300, 300A, and 301
Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards
General Duty Clause
LOI General Duty Clause
State Plans Map
Multi-Employer Worksites
LOI Multi-Employer Worksites

1903 Forms
1903.19 Appendix A
1903.19 Appendix B

1910 General Industry Forms
1910.134 App C-1
1910.146 App D-1
1910.146 App D-2
1910.147 App A
1910.1001 App D Part 1
1910.1001 App D Part 2
1910.1020 App A
1910.1027 App D
1910.1027 Attachment 3
1910.1043 App B-1
1910.1043 App B-2
1910.1043 App B-3
1910.1048 App D
1910.1051 App F
1910.1051 App F-2
1910.1052 App B
1910.1053 App B
1910.1053 App B-2
1910.1053 App B-Silica
CDC Booklet

1910 Forms (included in the 1926 publication)
1910.134 Appendix C-1
1910.134 Appendix C-2
1910.1020 Appendix A
1910.1020 Appendix D-2
1910.1048 Appendix D
1910.1048 Appendix D-2

1926 Construction Industry Forms
1926.1101 App D Part 1
1926.1101 App D Part 2
1926.1153 Written Medical Opinion for Employer
1926.1153 Written Medical Opinion for Employee
1926.1153 Authorization For Crystalline Silica Opinion To Employer

Cal OSHA District Offices

MSHA (Mining) Forms

Powered Haulage Guidance
Operator’s Annual Certification of Mine Rescue Team Qualifications
Certificate of Electrical Training
Certificate of Physical Qualification
Certificate of Training

Mine Accident, Injury, and Illness Report
Legal Identity Report
Mine Operator Identification Request
Mining Equipment Approval Application
MSHA Identification Number
Quarterly Report
Record of Individual Exposure
Representative of Miners Designation Form
Safety and Health Certification
SCSR Inventory and Report

DOT Forms

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